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INSTITECH© …Technical Stock Market Analysis


INSTITECH© is a specialized technical analysis of the stock market and individual common stocks. Created and developed by Howard Hébert, this proprietary analysis has been produced and published on a weekly basis since 1972.


Comprising over 3,500 stocks traded on the New York, American and NASDAQ exchanges, INSTITECH provides an accurate, quantitative description of current market conditions along with individual, specialized technical stock rankings.


This timely analysis provides important, and relevant,

                      answers to the following questions investors ask:


What is the current market condition?

INSTITECH  provides an accurate description of the current broad market status:

Bullish, Bearish, or Neutral and to what degree. Understanding the market condition is critical to successful navigation through up and down periods.


Is a particular stock over or under performing the broad market and

     by what degree?

INSTITECH© provides a comparative relative strength ranking, measuring and rating each stock against the broad universe of stocks. Relatively stronger, or weaker, stocks are readily identified and acted upon in active portfolio management. Historically, stronger stocks perform at higher levels.


What industry groups are performing better than others, and by how much?

INSTITECH© ranks 123 industry groups by similar relative comparison metrics, readily identifying stronger and weaker industries further enhancing individual stock selection. Stronger performing groups are preferable.


Comprehensive INSTITECH© analysis provides a timely view of market conditions, identifies higher performing industry groups and individual stocks, setting the stage for successful, long term investment results.


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